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Reboot of the Finals Jerseys

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

The Jazz pay homage to the most successful Jazz team ever with classic mountain throwback jerseys for the 2019-20 season

Rudy and co. will be sporting the popular mountain jerseys from the late '90s this season as their "throwback" edition.

The moment Jazz fans have been hoping for has arrived. And it’s just as glorious as imagined!

The Utah Jazz announced today via their twitter feed that the 2019-20 team will be bringing back the popular mountain jerseys of the late ‘90s. The jersey will also be accompanied by a custom court design.

This announcement comes following months of speculation, wishful thinking, and mentions to @utahjazz on Twitter by fans.

Following the release of a photoshopped image of Donovan with the mountain jersey over a year ago, fans have been incessant (with good reason) about bringing back the jersey officially.

Just one month ago, photos emerged of the D.O.N. Issue #1 (Mitchell’s signature shoe) in a mountain colorway of purple, blue, and white.

It all but confirmed that fans would indeed be able to “don” a mountain jersey with the current roster’s names on the back.

Since then photos were leaked showing the construction and design of the custom court. It became apparent that the Jazz are pulling out all the stops for this epic season.

Made famous by the Finals runs of the ‘97 and ‘98 seasons, the blue mountain jerseys represent the “Jazz” and Utah as much as any jersey. With a fresh new roster full of the most talent since the turn of the century, the Jazz bring back a fresh but familiar look.

The Jazz continue to pay homage to their forerunners and the legends within the organization.

Last season, celebrating their 45th year as a franchise, the Jazz debuted purple and gold throwback jerseys that were an instant success. Although unconfirmed at this time, it is expected that this “throwback” jersey will replace the purple and gold jerseys.

But the Jazz hope to recreate some of the magic of last year’s throwback with the mountain jerseys.

Just as the Jazz will be pairing the mountain jerseys with a customer court, the Utah Jazz used the gradient and arches themed court last year with the “city” jerseys. That same court will be used in the upcoming season. The jersey to accompany it, however, is rumored to change.

The “city” jerseys featuring the orange and red gradient that debuted two years ago are expected to stay, albeit with a face lift. Details are few and far between, but the rumor is to tie in the southern utah sun with the snow-covered granite of Northern Utah.

The Jazz have proven that their jersey game can compete with any team in the league. We’ll see if the magic of the jerseys will carry this year’s team to the Finals as it did roughly 20 years ago.

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