• Adam Bushman

Thabo Sefolosha or Jae Crowder

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Source: Sports Illustrated

We begin the show talking about Sports Illustrated and heir Top 100 player rankings. We discuss if they got the Jazz players right and if the list gives us any insight into how the league shapes up.

Jae Crowder and Thabo Sefolosha each had their stint as the featured bench player during last season. Who will it be this year? Maybe the advanced statistics can give us a hint.

We close the show with our Deep Dive of the week: Zach Buckley of The Bleacher Report paints a picture of the best and worst case scenarios for the Jazz’s season. Which is most likely and are we fans too biased (…never!)?

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0:00:00 – Intro to the show

0:02:06 – Sports Illustrated Top 100 Player Rankings

0:32:47 – Jae Crowder and Thabo Sefolosha

0:46:01 – Best- and Worst-Case Scenarios for the Season

0:55:02 – Close to the show

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